“Dreams From Cairo” International Intense Event 2018

Please note all participants should have a fundamental knowledge of Middle Eastern Dance known collectively known as Raks Sharqi / Belly Dance/ Oriental Dance. Our Instructors have been selected for their years of experience as Professional Performers and Instructors in the Art of Middle Eastern Dance.


Intense Workshops

Friday September 7

KHALED MAHMOUD @ The Door Workshop Purchase $70

9:15am-11:15am Apollo Ballroom

Technique: Egyptian Dance & Combinations Khaled Styling.


LEYLA AMIR @The Door Workshop Purchase $50

12pm-1:30pm Apollo Ballroom

Technique: Oriental Taqsim /Beledi Progression


VANESSA @The Door Workshop Purchase $70

2:15pm-4:15pm Apollo Ballroom

Technique/Choreography: Raqs Sharqi/Oriental Entrance (Megenca) using Choreography and Improve options. 


Intense Workshops

Saturday September 8

VANESSA @The Door Workshop Purchase $70

9am-11am Apollo Ballroom

Shamadan: Choreography for

Oriental/Folklore Shamadan (Shamadan not necessary for the workshop. Bring zills also for the options with-in the choreography.)


KHALED MAHMOUD @The Door Workshop Purchase $70

11:30am-1:30pm Apollo Ballroom

Choreography: Old Style Sha’abi tableau choreography.


WARDA SHAHRAZAD @The Door Workshop Purchase $50

2pm-3:30pm Apollo Ballroom

Theory/Technique/Choreography: Using the popular song Mawood.


Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition 1st Annual  Las Vegas Regionals.

4pm-5pm : Sign- In Apollo Ballroom For Registered Competitors  

Door Opens 5pm

Competition/Show Starts 5:30pm-6:30pm

Competition Show @The Door Purchase $15 P/P


Evening Gala Show @The Door Purchase $30 p/p

Door Opens

7:30 pm- Show Starts 8pm Apollo Ballroom



Intense Workshops

Sunday September 9

KHALED MAHMOUD @The Door Purchase $70

9:15am-11:15am Apollo Ballroom

Technique/Choreography: Oriental Megance (Raqs Sharqi/Oriental Entrance)


TONYA & ATLANTIS @The Door Purchase $55

11:45am-1:45pm Apollo Ballroom

Tonya will be teaching Zill/Sagat rhythms and patterns with choreographed and improv combos. Please bring your zills for the workshop.

Atlantis will be teaching the sensuous uses of the silk veil working with 2 veils. Please bring 2 veils to the workshop.


VANESSA @The Door Purchase $70

2:15pm -4:15pm Apollo Ballroom

Technique: Recognizing and feeling the music creates a vocabulary of movements without choreography giving you freedom of creativity and emotion in your performance while still staying artistically connected to the music. Structured improv is vital to your knowledge of performing with the music and not just to it as you become the visual embodiment of the music.


*Vendors will be Open/Available during Workshops and Shows