Submission is CLOSED for Saturday Gala Show

“Cairo at Night” Gala Show Featuring our Star Instructor and Accomplished Performers


Would you like to perform in the “Cairo at Night” Gala Show?


Please fill out the form and submit for the opportunity to perform in Dreams From Cairo “Cairo at Night” Gala Show.


All performers must be registered for at least two ala carte workshops.


We are accepting the many different styles of dance of the Middle East done to Middle Eastern music…Traditional, Orientale, Sha’abi, Beledi, Tabla, Folk, Classical, Theatrical, Contemporary and Raks Fusion with Middle Eastern Music.


Acceptance is based on first come first served. It is our goal to accommodate as many performances as possible. Please be aware your submission is not a guarantee of a performance slot. Your submission will be confirmed.


Performance Time limits: *Solo>5 min. *Duets>6 min. *Troupes>7 min.