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“Dreams From Cairo” (Ahlam Men Cairo) highlights the beautiful dances of the Middle East with Intense Dance Workshops and Shows.

The dance is also known as …Raks Sharqi, Oriental Dance, Dance Du Venture, Middle Eastern Dance… and the modern slang name of “Belly Dance”. This  also includes  the many folk traditional styles of the dance and music found in the roots and culture of the various countries of the Middle East.

Many of the foundation dance movements, technique and elements have traveled thru time and the different  countries of the Middle East,  spreading thru out the world the rich history and entertainment of it’s dance and music.

The different styles have flourished in the Middle East and become popular globally,  with the Egyptian dance style and music being one of the most popular.  Egypt has often been referred to as  “The Motherland of Oriental Dance.

Dreams From Cairo offers professional quality instruction from National and Internationally known performers, instructors and choreographers in the traditional, classical, and modern updated and current styles .  Check out each of our Featured Instructor/Performers from their Official FB Pages. Click their links to read their Bios in “About” …Keep up with their career news. We bring to our event yearly,  a wide variety of Instructors/Performers to enhance and expand your knowledge.

Learning from these experienced professionals gives you a strong foundation and always a continued education in your dance knowledge, so even with the change of eras, your style will blend into the timeless and varied roots of the dance.

Our Intense Event appeals to the many who love this dance from Hobbyist to Semi-Pro to Pro. We offer a VIP Package for it all at the best price possible….and Ala Cart workshops if you prefer to pick and choose.

Join us in Las Vegas USA for our Intense International Weekend of MEDance Education, Entertainment and Fun!

“We are not just an Event…BUT…A World Class  Destination”



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